Cosmic Flight with Heirloom Cacao

$74.99 $83.96

The Ultimate Gut Nourishing Combo Pack! One of each of our ferments at 10% off!

Flight Includes:

  • (1) Kyoto Kraut
  • (1) Wild Dill Kraut
  • (1) 16oz Original Coconut Yogurt
  • (1) 16oz Heirloom Cacao Coconut Yogurt

Benefits of Cosmic Cultures

Powerful Probiotic

All of our ferments are cultured with Elemental Wizdom® Super Human Probiotic* strains. These ferments are made with the intention to strengthen your system as a whole, providing real and noticeable results when consumed regularly.

Immunity Food

It’s estimated that a significant portion (80%) of our immune system is located in the gut. Probiotics help to develop the mucosal lining and immune system of the digestive tract and produce antibodies to pathogens. The microbes found in our ferments have been shown to encourage the immune system to self regulate.

*The human bacterial stains used in Elemental Wizdom’s Super Human Probiotics were derived from single strains of bacteria donated by microbiology professors from the University of Tokyo and the Dokkyo Medical University of Japan. Each bacterial strain was isolated, identified and purified after a one-time collection from a healthy, living human subject. The strains were obtained about three decades ago and have been naturally replicating in the laboratory ever since, periodically undergoing numerous tests to assure the bacteria are healthy and maintain their positive characteristics.

Gut Food

Our ferments contain billions of beneficial bacteria that will help to repopulate your gut and have been shown to strengthen digestion, improve assimilation of nutrients, reduce IBS or IBD symptoms and improve mood once an ideal balance of bacteria is achieved.


Chronic inflammation represents one of the most consistent biologic features of aging as well as many other diseases and even cancer. Encouraging a proper balance of bacteria in your gut and strengthening your microbiome helps to tame this inflammation.