About Us

How we got started …

We celebrate the oldest and most beneficial method of food preservation! Originally just an intriguing personal experiment in taking our health and wellness into our own hands through fermentation quickly turned to an obsession and a passion to share our knowledge with others.

So intrigued with how time and good bacteria can enhance already nutritious whole ingredients to gut healing, bio-available mineral and enzyme rich super foods led us to the birth of Cosmic Cultures.

Standards …

It all begins with sourcing the raw ingredients. We’ve knocked on so many doors to get our hands on the most potent and pure ingredients.

We truly want people to feel their best. Our drive is fueled by a desire to offer the best ingredients and complete transparency. Constantly looking for ways that we can make our foods the most beneficial to our customers that put their trust in us.

Inspiration …

Our inspiration is deeply rooted in traditional methods of crafting healthful nutrient dense foods but with a modern take. We are always learning through our travels and daily interactions with makers and enthusiasts in our wellness community.

There has never been a more exciting time to be inspired by the wellness movement, in a time where an abundance of information is at our fingertips, the people who work with these powerful plants that make incorporating them intelligently into our modern lifestyle is something that we are so happy to be able to share with you!