Our Matcha is an obsession. Each variety is meticulously sourced in collaboration with our friend and Kyoto based Japanese tea master. We only offer Matcha in its purest form, fresh and stone-milled to order. Our matcha is delicious, with no unpleasant bitterness found in many mass produced matcha. Our matcha is always grown beyond organic, free of chemicals and toxins. This Matcha is exceptionally high in amino acids, including the powerhouse L-theanine. Very rich in the potent antioxidant ECGC, minerals and polyphenols supporting a myriad of functions in the body and deep immune support. Enjoy this tea as it has been for centuries and experience the power tradition. 

Our Jar:

Our signature Ultraviolet Glass is crafted in Europe of high quality deep purple glass and are sanitized and treated with a dual coating process. The unique pigment filters out harmful natural light that accelerates decay, allowing UV-A and Infrared through, which preserves the bio-energy and potency and nutrients of your Matcha. Superior packaging for superior matcha! Refill your jar with our sustainable refill pouch available on subscription with the Subscribe and Save 15% option at checkout!