About Us

Why Matcha?

Matcha adds balance to our fast-paced modern world: warming the water in the kettle, adding the vibrant green powder to a handmade ceramic bowl, whisking the tea with a beautiful bamboo whisk, and savoring the moment and space you are creating for yourself. These practices become part of us and help to shape the way we move and think.

Cosmic Cultures is inspired by the ancient traditions based around nourishment and ritual. We are deeply connected to the products we curate; everything we offer is part of our daily life and a true extension of ourselves.

We are passionate about sharing these products with others seeking to connect with and support their mental and physical well-being.

Our Story

Having made and consumed fermented foods for many years, we formed Cosmic Cultures in 2019 and began offering our organic products to the public. We create our ferments with a relentless attention to quality ingredients and craftsmanship, settling for nothing short of the best.

After four years of shipping across the US, stocking the shelves of some of the best stores in the country and doing countless live demos, we were faced with a choice – scaling up production, which would mean changing the way our products were crafted, or changing the focus of our entire operation. Rather than compromise our values, we made the decision to pivot our company in a new direction.

It wasn’t until late 2021 while operating a hybrid retail production space for Cosmic Cultures that we realized our experience with matcha was not what most people were accustomed to.

We made matcha to order in a traditional manner, had intimate conversations with our customers and based on that experience and feedback, decided to focus our energy on providing the best matcha we experience possible. Our personal source for matcha happened by complete chance. In April 2017 we took an impromptu trip to Japan, a destination both of us had been dreaming of visiting for many years. It was golden week in Japan and the end of cherry blossom season; needless to say, a very busy time and we naïvely thought we would be able to find a proper guide on very short notice. Lissi, being incredibly creative, convincing, and charming, managed to score an introduction to our now friend and tea master, who very graciously served as an unconventional guide across Kyoto. We spent the next four days traveling Kyoto by bike, taking in everything from temples to food and the best part - a private traditional Japanese tea ceremony. This proved to be the seed and source of our journey into the world of matcha.

Mornings at home in our kitchen now find us juggling our son Indie back and forth in our arms, a morning playlist on the speaker, the tea kettle steaming and matcha being whisked. No matter how many things are on our plate for the day, our matcha ritual is essential; we can’t wait to see how your own ritual unfolds!

Lissi + Zach

With Love