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Benefits of Cosmic Cultures

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Matcha Health Benefits

Potent source of antioxidants, including high levels of EGCG have been shown to inhibit cancer cells, regulate insulin sensitivity, powerful immune support and anti-inflammatory effects.

Concentrated source of L-Theanine, Matcha, especially high grade matcha such as ours contains up to 5x the amount of the brain supporting amino acid L-Thanine which binds to caffeine resulting in a time release of the caffeine (hints no spike or crash) this phenomenon plays into the nootropic effects of matcha.

Incredible source of chlorophyll, this is another important key of high grade matcha, lower grade (latte, culinary, etc) will not have the high levels of chlorophyll that you find in our teas.

Chlorophyll enhances oxidative stress tolerance, promotes the bodies natural detoxification process and is a pre-biotic, feeding and increasing the beneficial bacteria in the gut. 

High grade matcha has thermogenic properties. The Combination of unique antioxidants and caffeine have a synergetic effect which can help break down body fat by increasing the amount of energy the body uses.

Matcha is an adaptogen. Matcha helps the body regulate a myriad of functions ranging from blood sugar, hormones, stress and cognitive function supporting homeostasis. 

Matcha has consistently shown high potential for relieving depression and anxiety. Multiple studies point out the positive effects of matcha on the dopaminergic system of the brain. 

Matcha is grounding. The simple process of preparing matcha, taking a few minutes to yourself to nourish and support your day has an incredible effect on serotonin levels and stress reduction. Humans are deeply rooted to ritualistic practices.

Matcha is nutrient dense! Providing a rich source of vitamins and minerals, supporting hydration, beauty, cognition and the immune system.  

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