Cosmic Cultures Spouted Matcha Bowl (Chawan) RUST

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Cosmic Cultures Spouted Matcha Bowl (Chawan) RUST
Cosmic Cultures Spouted Matcha Bowl (Chawan) RUST

Handmade Unique Ceramics

In collaboration with Los Angeles Clay Company


Ceramics are tightly woven into the history and ritual of matcha. In traditional tea ceremonies, the most precious pieces are showcased and are a highlight of the preparation.


We have partnered with one of our favorite artists, Ernie and his team at Los Angeles Clay Company, to handcraft beautiful pieces meant for everyday use. Each piece is unique and intended to enhance your enjoyment of your daily matcha. We especially love that the ceramics are made in an open-air studio, on an old orange grove infused with California sunshine! All materials used in production are free of any toxic elements - nothing will ever leach into your matcha.


We hope these pieces spark joy, creativity and a feeling of freedom each day!