Do you ever wonder why your high-grade matcha clumps together?

Do you ever wonder why your high-grade matcha clumps together?

Matcha, the vibrant green powder that we are deeply obsessed with for its rich taste and health benefits, might surprise you with its brewing behavior. Unlike tea bags or loos- leaf teas that release their essence into the water, matcha doesn't dissolve. Instead, it forms a suspension.

The secret lies in the unique way matcha is made. Unlike regular tea, matcha is finely ground from whole tencha leaves, the youngest and most prized part of the green tea plant. This meticulous stone grinding process creates a powder with particles so small they tend to clump together due to electrostatic forces. 

So, when you add matcha to water, you're not dissolving the tea leaves, you're physically suspending them. This is where the traditional matcha whisk comes in. By whisking briskly, you break up the clumps and distribute the matcha particles evenly throughout the water. This creates a smooth, frothy beverage where you consume the actual ground tea leaves, not just their essence.

Here's what this suspension means for your matcha experience:

  • Settling is normal: Don't be alarmed if your matcha settles after a while. Since it's not truly dissolved, the particles will naturally sink. Just give your drink a gentle swirl to re-suspend the matcha.
  • Whisk it right: Using a whisk is crucial for achieving a smooth and flavorful matcha. The vigorous whisking helps break down clumps and create a nice froth, enhancing both taste and texture. Our authentic 100% sourced and hand-crafted in Japan Takayama whisk (chasen) is far superior to other whisking methods, embrace the tradition and time-tested wisdom!
  • Embrace the full leaf experience: Because you're consuming the whole leaf, you get all the goodness matcha has to offer, including fiber and a more potent dose of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.
  • Sieve! This is a critical step to ensure the smoothest matcha experience! Higher grade matcha is milled finer than lower-end matcha. With that comes more surface area, making clumps more likely. Our Easy Sieve is the perfect tool to keep your matcha clump free and ready to use at any time! Sieve like a pro!
  • Scoop- Our authentic 100% sourced and hand-made in Japan bamboo matcha scoops (chashaku) are the ideal tool for preparing matcha. The scoop itself is specially designed to measure the matcha powder, with each scoop providing half a gram. This will most definitely take your matcha ritual to the next level!

So, the next time you whisk a bowl matcha, remember – you're not just brewing a tea, you're experiencing a delightful suspension of ultra-fine ground magic!