Matcha Samidori Reserve

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Matcha Samidori Reserve
Matcha Samidori Reserve
Matcha Samidori Reserve

Rare And Unique Ultra Premium Ceremonial Koicha Grade Matcha

Single origin. Single cultivar grown on a fourth-generation farm located in a remote area of Wazuka, Kyoto

BRIGHT. ETHEREAL. VERDANT. — Superior single origin, single cultivar ceremonial koicha grade matcha. This Samidori is produced by a fourth-generation natural tea farmer in a premium garden on an isolated farm. 

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*Your welcome order will include a Miron glass jar + matcha pouch. For subscriptions, subsequent deliveries will include sustainable refill pouch to refill your jar.

Full Description

One of the very few organically grown matcha that can be served as thick tea (koicha). Fragrant and creamy, a truly rare and unique tea. Naturally farmed without pesticides or toxic chemicals and stone-milled to order, this very special tea has a striking green hue with very low bitterness and astringency.

Curated in collaboration with our friend and traditional Japanese tea master.

We Taste

Fresh cream, hazelnut, and lemongrass.

Limited Edition

This matcha is not available anywhere outside our tea masters private collection.

How to Drink

Meant to be savored neat or with little additions.

30 g.
Contains 15-20 servings per package.