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Test Raidho
Test Raidho

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Content: 50g
Contains 15-30 servings per package

Process of Matcha

From Farm to Cup

  1. Matcha starts, as do all true teas, from the plant Camellia Sinesis. Matcha is an authentic green tea.
  2. The green tea leaves are shaded for approximately six weeks before harvesting, resulting in an exponential increase of chlorophyll and amino acids.
  3. The leaves are then carefully picked, steamed to halt enzymatic activity, and dried to preserve color and nutrients.
  4. Once dry the leaves undergo the extremely laborious and time-consuming process of destemming and deveining, resulting in “tencha”!
  5. This tencha is kept refrigerated until we submit an order for matcha.
  6. Upon receipt of our order, the tencha is milled utilizing large stone wheels, rotating very slowly to avoid damaging the tea.
  7. Once milled, our matcha is immediately packed in airtight, light-proof pouches and shipped directly to us!